Inspire Life, LLC

What Tantric Path Is Right For You


Trying to get information about Tantra can be confusing. I can help get you pointed to the right path for you, even if it is not with me.
Let's get on a call and let me get you the information you need to understand Tantra, demystify it, let you know what it can do for you and what next steps you should take to make it part of your life.

This is not a sales pitch.

This is me coaching/consulting with you for real for the introductory call fee of $25.

To make the best of this, come with a specific issue to discuss.

At the end, if you want my help, I'll let you know how we can so that, clearly, no gimmicks, no pressure.

Thanks and I'm excited to meet you.

Duration: 45 mins

Fees: USD 25.00

Location: Zoom
(Zoom meeting link will be provided in the confirmation email)

Instructions to Join: Let's hop on a Zoom together. If you're shy (or you're afraid your background is daunting lol) you can leave the camera off.

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